Waiting for Craftbukkit 1.5 Update

For those of you who are waiting for us to update the server to 1.5, please don’t hold your breath. We are patiently waiting for the Craftbukkit developers to update the Craftbukkit server software to 1.5 at the very least, along with at least the mods that we need to keep things in order on the server before we update the server to Minecraft 1.5. In the meantime, we will be trying to enable a setting on our server that will allow players to connect with their Minecraft 1.5 clients, but without all the new features. We will be testing that out this weekend if there is not a Craftbukkit 1.5 release ready by then.

Until then, you can play both Minecraft 1.4.7 and Minecraft 1.5 if you download the Magic Launcher Minecraft client. It will allow you to add client mods much easier, and also allows you to select which .jar file you want to play with any time you launch it. This means you can play on both Minecraft 1.5 servers to try out the new features, but you can also still come back to YourCraft Multiverse and play in Minecraft 1.4.7 until we get our server updated without a big hassle.

Thank you for your patience while we wait together. - iroczspot