YourCraft Multiverse News

Hey guys, you may have noticed the server is offline currently. That's becuase I noticed it is very dusty and it needs to be cleaned out to extend it's life. I'll have the server back online in a week or so. Thanks for your patience :)


There have been some major updates recently for Minecraft and I wanted to get them pushed to the server. I just updated the server to 1.10.2, which includes both the Combat Update and the Frostburn Update are now Live on YourCraft Server.

We have updated our Spigot install to the Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update. This update adds a ton of new combat features and effects. Read more about the Minecraft 1.9 changes. YourCraft Server is now Combat Update compatible!

Mojang has released the latest version of Minecraft, 1.9, also known as the Combat Update. It adds a ton of new combat features including sheilds, dual-weilding weapons, and tipped arrows. Lots of new effects and Herobrine is removed again :D

After some extended downtime due to lack of time, I was finally able to get the YourCraft Server moved back to an Ubuntu server. I've also updated it to 1.8.7 as there were some new security updates. The server should run much smoother now with less downtime as it kept crashing in Windows for some reason.

I have taken the server down for spring cleaning, updates, and general maintenance. I will have it back up soon. Thanks for your patience :)


The Minecraft server software, Craftbukkit, that allows all of the cool plugins we use like dynmap, multiverse, lwc, griefprevention, and more, has been reported for copyright infringement by a disgruntled bukkit api developer.

Pre-release 1.8-pre3 is now available and fixes the following issues:

I've updated the YourCraft Multiverse server to Minecraft v1.7.5 along with updated a bunch of plugins to what seem to be more stable releases. No need to downgrade your clients anymore in the launcher :) We were having a few issues with bugs in some addons that caused some grief, literally.

Well, I couldn't wait any longer for all the server addons to be released, so we have gone ahead and started a new world seed for 1.7.2 to play on. YourCraft Server is now online running Vanilla right now. You will need to get on the whitelist until we get some anti-griefing addons available for 1.7.2.