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Learn how to build and manage your own Minecraft server for your friends and family, or learn to build a large public Minecraft server community.

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Get the right Minecraft administration tools you need to build and manage your Minecraft server, as well as tools to help manage your server community.

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Our website, server guides, and server tools are Open Source licensed to allow free access to building a Minecraft server or server community of your own.

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Minecraft News

Server Cleaning

Hey guys, you may have noticed the server is offline currently. That’s becuase I noticed it is very dusty and it needs to be cleaned out to extend it’s life....

Minecraft 1.12 Released

Minecraft v1.12 has been released, otherwise known as the World of Color update. This update incorporates a ton of new colors for wool and a bunch of other b...

YourCraft 1.10.2

There have been some major updates recently for Minecraft and I wanted to get them pushed to the server. I just updated the server to 1.10.2, which includes ...

Minecraft 1.10 Release!

Minecraft v1.10 has been released, otherwise known as the Frostburn Update. This update changes the hottest and coldest biomes in Minecraft. It adds the abil...

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