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YourCraft Multiverse Server has a growing community of builders, crafters, and warriors. We use several Minecraft Server mods to enhance gameplay on our server for our players.

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  • Semi-Vanilla SMP, PvP, and Creative game modes available!

  • Economy, Secure Player Trading, Item Bank, and more!

  • No grief, No cheats, No exploits!

  • Mumble Voicechat Enabled! Join @

About YourCraft Multiverse

YourCraft Multiverse is a new Minecraft Survial Multiplayer Server that was started in December 2012. The YourCraft Multiverse server is located in New York City, and hosted by Beastnode. Our goal is to provide a top of the line Minecraft server, balancing high performance and features to give our players a fast and fun multiplayer Minecraft gaming experience.

We have been testing our Craftbukkit server config over the last 6 months or so on our other server, THOR Multiverse, but we have a new vision for this server all together. Basically it's named YourCraft because it's your choice. We aren't giving everyone admin, or creative mode permissions, but you are able to acquire in-game credits, which you will be able to spend at in-game stores to acquire more items than you would normally get during your day playing Minecraft. Currently you can vote for YourCraft server for $100 in-game credits for each vote. There are also in-game stores for players to purchase various Minecraft items.

Players will soon be able to gain access to launching their own in-game stores, and the item banking system.

Also, for those not looking to spend a lot of time in-game, but want to play like they do, you can purchase some in-game items through our Buycraft Store. Our goal is to use Buycraft as our donation platform, as it rewards donators for their contributions. We do also want to make as much as we can in rewards available from in-game credits as well to make the server fun to play for our hardcore Minecraft players as well.

Last Updated 1/22/2013