Minecraft 1.5 players can now connect!

YourCraft Mutlverse players can now connect with the Minecraft 1.5 client. A sweet bukkit.yml flag was added to Spigot recently in expectation of everyone wanting to play Minecraft 1.5, but Bukkit and Bukkit mods not being ready yet. Well, we also run Bungeecord now, so there are a few other things we need to make sure work properly before fully upgrading at his point. We were able to set the version flag we needed and have tested it out thoroughly. All 1.5 players can now connect until we get the server actually upgraded to Minecraft 1.5. Please note that none of the 1.5 features are enabled on the server yet, so don’t go making any Redstone masterpieces until you hear that YourCraft Multiverse has been fully updated to Minecraft 1.5.


YourCraft Multiverse Team