Read the Rules Again Please.

For some odd reason, Grief Prevention was disabled since last night after I had thought I had updated it. Another player brought it to my attention that the AirMall was missing some items. It has come to my attention that during that time, 1 player who will remain nameless, decided to steal a bunch of items out of the item frames from the YourCraft AirMall. Please be sure to read our server rules again, as there is no griefing or stealing allowed on YourCraft Multiverse, even if the plugin that stops people from stealing and griefing might be bugging out. This particular player has had their player account reset due to this infraction, as we will not allow unfair advantages on our server.

It is very easy for any of our admins to find out what has happened on the server even in the case where you think you are in the clear. We log everything, We keep all our logs, and we read them when we need to! Don’t risk getting yourself banned from our server for something stupid like stealing a suit of iron armor, a suit of diamond armor, an emerald, a diamond, redstone components, and a pumpkin. You will get caught just like this guy did, and next time I won’t be so nice about it. Instead of just resetting your player, I will ban it.