Permissions and Groups Revamp

There have been many players asking for additional permissions to the server. I can assure you that we will not be giving out moderator or admin permissions randomly to just anyone. We also won’t be selling admin or moderator access in-game, or in our Buycraft donations system for that matter. Instead, we will be offering some additional player perks and access to additional server mods through permissions for in-game credits and Buycraft donations. Some of you may have noticed that some permissions have changed for the default user group. This is to help usher in our new group system which will consist of several main groups, and a bunch of sub-groups. Previously all players inherited the Builder group by default, which gave ton of additional permissions. Our plan is to automatically promote players to the builder group after a certain amount of playing time. Other permissions will be only available for in-game credits and/or Buycraft donation.

Some of these player perks include:

  • Become a Citizen of YourCraft Multiverse!
    • After 12 hours of playing time your player will be granted access to our Citizens group of permissions.
    • These permissions are similar to the default Builder permissions we have been using, but are slimmed down a bit to allow more progression through our ranks.
    • You will be able to access our warp signs, /spawn, and some other basic commands prior to becoming a citizen in our default group to get you started!
    • More info on the Citizen Group soon!
  • Become a Merchant!
    • Access to purchase item bank slots on the main world.
    • Access to the secure player to player trading system.
    • Access to create trade signs to sell in-game items.
    • Access to player item auction system.
    • More info on the Merchant Group soon!
  • Become an Adventurer
    • Access to /back, /home and more!
    • Become a VIP (Very Important Player)
    • Access to /warp and warps list.
    • Access to hats with /hat!
    • Set multiple homes with /home.

More information to come on these new groups and their permissions. Eventually there will be a page for each group, with the permissions available. I am just getting the details ironed out, but wanted to give a heads up as to what is going on. If you can’t access something right now, that is because I have moved most players that are not regulars back to the default group for the time being. Eventually, if you play long enough, you will be granted access to the Citizen group. If you have any questions or concerns about your group or permissions