YourCraft Air Mall Open for Business

We are trying to build a robust player economy on our server, so we are setting up several stores in-game for you to buy and sell some in-game items for in-game money. We are currently calling the money credits, but that may be subject to change, as at least one player had no clue what credits were so far. Perhaps just dollars will do. We will keep you posted on that one.

For now though, you can head over to the YourCraft Air Mall, located at -420,64,24 to buy and sell crafted items like armor, weapons, tools, food, and more. You can see the main entrance on the YourCraft Multiverse World Map with coins as an icon. Each individual store will soon be marked on the map with a cart icon as well. Some store are still under construction, as we just changed the whole layout of the mall just last night. It should be much easier to navigate and find what you need now though. Feel free to leave us feedback on our Contact page.

In case you missed it, there is also a Beginner Shop near spawn. The Beginner Shop has items such as Apples, Saplings, Bones, Beds, and a Beginner kit to get you started on your Minecraft adventure on YourCraft Server. More info on in-game shops and stores coming soon, along with sneak peaks at some cool mods we are going to enable soon for all players like an Item Bank and Player Head trophies!

For those looking to get hooked up faster, you can browse the YourCraft BuyCraft store. Purchases through our Buycraft store go towards helping pay our server bills. Please consider using the BuyCraft store, even if you aren’t looking to stock up on in-game items. It helps pay the bills, and you can get cool stuff! You can currently buy Prefixes and Suffixes for you name like PLAYERNAME “The Destroyer” and Farmor PLAYERNAME. You could even be Farmer PLAYERNAME “The Destroyer” if you wanted to. Check out the Prefixes and Suffixes pages on the YourCraft BuyCraft store for more info!