Craftbukkit, Spigot, and others DMCA’d

The Minecraft server software, Craftbukkit, that allows all of the cool plugins we use like dynmap, multiverse, lwc, griefprevention, and more, has been reported for copyright infringement by a disgruntled bukkit api developer. He’s claiming that code he committed to an open source project is his copyright, which may be true, but he has taken the whole project offline with his DMCA takedown request. The Craftbukkit team has essentially disbanded at this point, which causes some serious issues for the Minecraft server community. This issue not only affects Craftbukkit servers, but also Spigot servers and any other type of Minecraft server software based off of the Craftbukkit project. Unfortunately, YourCraftServer currently runs Spigot 1.7.5, which cannot be updated at this point. Currently there is no legal way for us to even acquire a 1.7.10 update, let alone an updated 1.8 release of any Craftbukkit or Spigot server files, so we are making some tough descisions.

This obviously makes it difficult to keep what we have built running properly in 1.8, so I have backed up all of the server map files and settings for the YourCraft 1.7.5 server in hopes we can resurrect them some day. There are a bunch of new items in the game that probably won’t be available in our old world anyway, so we will be re-rolling a brand new world for 1.8 as a Vanilla server until the a new server API is available that is supported. This means we will continue to run on a Whitelist until further notice. Because we have no grief prevention, we will not be accepting any new players to the whitelist without an invite from a current member of the server.