Player Town Warps Enabled

YourCraft Multiverse not only has Multiverse Portals available to travel to different worlds on our server, but now we also have Town Warps available for towns with 3 or more residents! The Warp area is near spawn and looks like an old wooden ship. Our first town is actually revealed in the screenshot of our warp area for this post, but we will also be featuring the town in a separate post very shortly.

We are looking forward to more towns popping up all over the place now that we have fast travel to far away villages and towns. If you are looking to start a town, you don’t need to do anything too special except stake out 3 separate player claims with Grief Prevention and protect a City Hall. Once you have 3 staked claims in an area and your City Hall protected, you can contact an admin to setup your town name and Town Warp to your City Hall location. Other warps will be created for public player areas like the Skymall and other locations in the future. If you create something great on the server for everyone, you can definitely get a warp to that location setup if you like. All public areas are admin claimed, so they don’t count against your block totals for your normal claims!

As a courtesy to our Town Mayors, and public works builders, we can admin claim protected certain areas of your town or public location like public areas and public transportation systems, while still allowing you, the original builder, to continue to build and modify those claims.

Stay tuned for a highlight on our first player town!