mcMMO Stats Reset

For an unknown and unfortunate reason, mcMMO stats were reset over the weekend somehow during a server restart. We tried rebuilding them manually to fix this error, but eventually the stats reset again last night. We aren’t going to mess with rebuilding them this time, as it was quite time consuming, and lead to the same result. it’s a totally new year, so we figured it was a good time to allow the mcMMO stats to reset.

We will keep an eye on this and if it continues we may have to wait until an updated full release of mcMMO is released. We are currently running on Dev versions, which could be causing these issues.

Stay tuned to the Server News section for more information on issues like these that may come about from a plugin or otherwise. Periodically things get a little squirrely due to the fact that we are trying to keep the server up to date with the latest versions of everything, and sometimes they just don’t like each other for some reason or another.