King of the Hill Arena Online!

YourCraft Multiverse is proud to announce our first Minecraft PvP arena minigame, King of the HIll! It’s what is called a Last Man Standing minigame in Minecraft. The game is pretty simple, be the last one to die in the arena. Currently there is no additional reward for winning, but you can bet other players with iron ingots, gold ingots, and diamonds from your inventory for now. The winner of the KOTH match wins all the bets.

It’s our first game, so it might have some bugs. Please let us know if you have any issues. Different variations of the original KOTH arena will be available soon. Some will have different challenges and better rewards.

We are currently working on a second minigame that we should have online sometime this weekend hopefully. Don’t worry, your inventory is safe with this mod. You won’t lose any of your items that you came to the arena world with, as it creates a separate instance. Your regular inventory will be shared with our other PVP Worlds to allow you to bet items you gain from other PvP battles and stock up for other battles with other YourCraft Multiverse players.

Also look for other minigames that will be out soon from Parkour / jump arenas to other PvP gamemodes like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

Good luck to all in the arena!