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mc.yourcraftserver.com - Main Server

YourCraft Multiverse Info

Admins: iroczspot, protopethunter, Luckyurin | Contact an Admin
Server Version: 1.8.7
Gamemodes: SMP, PvE, PvP, Creative, Adventure
IRC: #yourcraftserver on irc.esper.net - Connect

Why Play YourCraft Multiverse?

  • Powered by Spigot, a high Performance Craftbukkit Fork, formerly known as Craftbukkit++.
  • No Grief! Place a chest on the ground to stake your first claim. Resize it with a wooden shovel as needed.
  • In-game Economy. Buy and sell items for in-game credits. Check othe YourCraft AirMall!
  • Gain access to Citizen permissions after 6 hours of playing on YourCraft Multiverse.
  • No Cheating/Hacking - Orebfuscator enabled w/ several anti-cheating mods to block or alert for cheats. Don't cheat.
  • Player to Player Trading - Secure, player to player trading system enabled for Merchants.
  • Player vs. Player Enabled - PvP World with Siege mode available!
  • Top Notch Hardware - 3 Core AMD Processor with 12GB RAM. SSD Hard Drives for fast gameplay!
  • Mature Admins - iroczspot, Luckyurin, protopethunter
  • Citizens 2 - NPCs to interact and trade with. ¬†Pro Tip: Get a shovel from Steve to resize your claim!
  • Item Bank - Buy item bank slots. Available to Merchant donators, Gold Sponsors, and Diamond Sponsors only.
  • Minigames - PvP Minigames and Singleplayer Minigames now available!
  • Server Events - Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts and more.
  • Adventure Maps available! Play challenging adventure maps by Hypixel, Disco, and other top map makers!
  • Quests - Coming Soon!
  • Survival Games - Coming Soon!