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YourCraft Server Info

Address: mc.yourcraftserver.com - Request Whitelist
Admins: iroczspot, protopethunter, Luckyurin - Contact an Admin
Server Version: Minecraft 1.8
Gamemodes: SMP
IRC: #yourcraftserver on irc.esper.net - Chat Connect

Why Play YourCraft Multiverse?

  • Vanilla Minecraft
  • Whitelist
  • Invite Only
  • Chest protections available with command blocks placed by admins.
  • Anti-griefing protections with command blocks placed by admins around player structures.

Because of some recent changes in the availability of the Craftbukkit API server and it's derivatives due to licensing problems, we have decided to go straight Vanilla with our server for 1.8. This kind of sucks as we really enjoyed all the plugins we used, but we also want our server to be playable with the latest content for our members. Until a new plugin API or Bukkit compatible plugin API is available, we will be sticking with Vanilla. This means we will be able to update the server very quickly though, which will be a change from before when we had to wait for a while to update to the next version of Minecraft.