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YourCraft Multiverse Info

Address: mc.yourcraftserver.com - Request Whitelist
Admins: iroczspot, protopethunter, Luckyurin - Contact an Admin
Server Version: Minecraft 1.7.5 (Minecraft 1.7.4 Compatible)
Gamemodes: SMP, PvE, PvP, Creative, Adventure
IRC: #yourcraftserver on irc.esper.net - Chat Connect

Why Play YourCraft Multiverse?

  • Powered by Spigot, a high Performance Craftbukkit Fork, formerly known as Craftbukkit++.
  • Multiverse enabled with multiple worlds available to explore and play including Hardcore, PVP, Adventure, and Games.
  • No Grief! Place a chest on the ground to stake your first Grief Prevention claim. Resize it with a golden shovel as needed.
  • In-game Economy provided by ChestShop.
  • OnTime records your total playing time, and grants player rewards for time played on the server automatically.
  • No Cheating/Hacking - Spigot has built in Orebfuscator enabled. Don't cheat. We will ban you.
  • Player vs. Player Enabled - PvP World with Siege mode available! (Available Soon)
  • Top Notch Hardware - 3 Core AMD Processor with 12GB RAM. SSD Hard Drives for fast gameplay!
  • Mature Admins - iroczspot, Luckyurin, protopethunter
  • Minigames - PvP Minigames and Singleplayer Minigames now available!
  • Server Events - Treasure Hunts, PvP Events, and more!
  • Adventure Maps available! New Maps TBA soon for Minecraft 1.7.2!
  • Quests - Coming Soon!
  • Survival Games - Coming Soon!