Establish a Town get a forum!

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Establish a Town get a forum!

We are trying to grow our community by offering cool features to our members. One of those cool features is player towns. Currently we don't use Towny, we use a mod called Grief Prevention. It allows anyone to stake out a claim and then manage it, or even sell it with the latest versions. In order to create a player town, your settlement will need to pass a few requirements.

Those requirements are:

  1. 3 individual player lot claims in a general area. These can be friends or players you meet on the server.
  2. A town hall must be built. It will be used to list your citizens. A town mayor must be chosen. The mayor's name must be displayed on the Town Hall
  3. The town must be given a name. It must be G-Rated. We are going for a family friendly server here.

That's it! Once you have chosen your town name, please contact iroczspot in-game or through the contact form on the website for an inspection and to reserve your town warp sign!